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ALAT UJI GETARAN TYPE 1332 A ( Vibration Meter 1332A)
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OriginUnited States
Vibration Meter TYPE 1332 A

DIGI-VIBRO this handy, is the perfect solution for those of you who need a measure of vibration. This design focuses on ease, speed up the progress measurement.

DIGI-VIBRO Application Usage

During the spinning machines or machines back and forth to walk normally, then the safety and security of your own machine will be guaranteed. However, once the problematic machine, it will cause a huge shake-up vibrations that will endanger themselves the people around him. DIGI-VIBRO vibration meter to bring a number of machine types that are not spelled out, including and not limited to pumps, blowers, machine tools, automobiles, and aviation. Here is a small portion of the number of applications using DIGI-VIBRO:

* Measurement of vibrations in those parts of the main frame
* Check the condition of the valve actuation Solenoide
* Inspection of damage to the Machine tools
* Maintenance on berbaga type of engine / common engine
* Maintenance on dynamomoeters chassis used for automotive testing
* Checking the damage to the blower bearings mounted on a rubbish incinerator plan
* Checking the wear of bearings on grinding machines used to fabricate parts for clocks
* Measurement on the vibration amplitude and acceleration tester
* Measuring point vibration resonance of the instrument whereby the embedded engine
* Check the condition of the engine actuation automatic medicine packing
* Regular check-ups at the pump and blower are installed in petrochemical plan
* Inspection of transformer hum ( transformers)
* A numerical representation of the phone on vibrator actuation
* Measurement of spindle vibration
* Maintenance of the cooling tower fan

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Contact Person: Ibu Dini 0812 8006 9024, 0817 6700 726, 0816 1740 8927, 021-9529 3259, 0816 1740 8926 ( Sri)

Address: Jl. Radin Inten II No. 62 Duren Sawit - Jakarta 13440
Phone. + 62-21 8690 6777, 8690 6771, 8690 6785
Fax: + 62-21 8690 6770
EMAIL: sales@
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